“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

What to Do When The School Can’t Solve Bullying

bullying in schools

Bullying in schools is the most popular issue in every country, especially in Australia. Many students have been suffering from bullying. When bullying doesn’t stop, it could cause serious damage to the victims. Damages that can affect physically and emotionally. But with appropriate actions, anyone can handle and solve bullying. What if your child has been bullied at their school? And the school doesn’t know how to solve the issue? Could you fix it on your own? Read and learn from this guide.


Every individual who is involved in this particular situation should document everything. Adults, students, and especially victims should document every interaction that shows bullying. It can be documented either in a notebook, cell phone, or with a camera. They should document every single detail of the bullying, date, time, location, people involved, and even witnesses who are the main key to solve this problem. In this way, you can keep an evidence or a summary report of the bullying.

Look for advocates and allies

If the principal or the counsellor haven’t talked or given you feedback regarding bullying, you can seek help from any individuals inside the school who can help you fix the problem. They can give you pieces of advice and creative solutions to the issue. Parents can look for help to the other school officials like teachers, administrators, and even the school secretary. These individuals have the understanding of the school’s culture and can help you to connect with other school officials who can help with the problem.

Conduct Research on Laws and Policies

For parents, it will be helpful to know their child’s school policies about bullying in schools, safety and other non-discrimination. The policies should have the list of prohibited behaviours together with the response protocols that will be implemented when any of this particular behaviours are reported and observed. You will need to file a formal complaint and report to initiate these protocols.  But schools will prevent this actions so they can solve it internally regarding these situations.

Keep Calm

It is normal for parents to be upset and angry when they discover that their child is being bullied at their school. But during this emotional break down of parents, it can cause inappropriate accusations and heated conversations that can make the situation even worse. Parents should approach calmly the people who are involved in the bullying to avoid any other conflicts. It will be the best to approach school official with the good manner to find a better solution and help your child.
With all these tips and guides, you can also help your child by empowering and encouraging him/her that they are not the only one feeling this way. A child who is a victim of bullying in schools can experience many symptoms and parents should be aware of what actions are to be done. If you have any concerns or suggestions, you can drop your message in the comment box below or you can submit a complaint here at Bullyout.

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