“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

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Bullying vs Harassment: The Differences

How harassment and bullying in schools differ from each other? To some people, they think that bullying and harassment are the same. This is why sometimes, parents are confused if their child is a victim of bullying or harassment whenever they come home upset or feeling down from school. Know that they are two dissimilar…

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Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn from School Bullying

What are the lessons that we can get from bullying in Australian schools? Many have experience bullying, and it reached a point where we don’t even care anymore. Some just demand respects. It helps somehow managed to make friends and slowly build a support net. Bullying makes life miserable. People have overcome it and with…

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What to Do When The School Can’t Solve Bullying

Bullying in schools is the most popular issue in every country, especially in Australia. Many students have been suffering from bullying. When bullying doesn’t stop, it could cause serious damage to the victims. Damages that can affect physically and emotionally. But with appropriate actions, anyone can handle and solve bullying. What if your child has…

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Why Moving School is Not the Best Option when Being Bullied

  Bullying in Australian schools has been a national issue for many years. If you are experiencing bullying in your school and you’re thinking of moving to another school, then that’s not a good idea. Moving to another school is not always an answer to your problem. The truth of moving school when being bullied…

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