“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

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Essential Facts Every Kid Should Know About Bullying

What should kids know about bullying in schools by the detail? There are some reasons why bullying at school occurs, but the fact is bullying intentionally hurt others. For safety reasons, it is essential for children as well as adults to fully understand how bad the results of bullying can be. with our guide to facts about…

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What To Do When The Bully Is Your Child’s Teacher

Bullying in schools has been an issue for everyone, especially to children. As a normal parent does, you should always monitor your child in their class to avoid any problems like school bullying. Most of the children experience bullying with their schoolmates, friends and other strangers around them. But what would you do if your child’s…

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Bullying At School: 6 Important Signs Your Child is Being Bullied

There are many kinds of bullying and the most common type of bullying is the bullying in schools. It’s a fact, bullying is widely spread in schools where there are a lot of children. A child could possibly bully a child and it is very important to identify the signs of bullying and prevent it…

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