“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

Why Moving School is Not the Best Option when Being Bullied

Bullying in Australian Schools


Bullying in Australian schools has been a national issue for many years. If you are experiencing bullying in your school and you’re thinking of moving to another school, then that’s not a good idea. Moving to another school is not always an answer to your problem. The truth of moving school when being bullied is there is always bullying in another school. You can’t escape bullying by transferring to another school because bullying is everywhere.


It could be a big inconvenience for you and to your parents when transferring. The best schools can be full of students and you can’t always get a special treatment to move to another school because you’re a victim of bullying. You may end up transferring to a basic school which can affect your performance when you came from a high standard school. When moving to another school, you may experience location inconvenience where your new school can be farther away and more expensive to get to. It will be difficult to settle to a new class where every student has already established friendships.


Things might get more complicated if you move to another school. It is advised that fixing and preventing the bullying can be the best solution to this problem. Many students have successfully moved to another school but ended up being bullied again. They still experience bullying in their new school and they always feel isolated. It is essential to ask help from professionals who can give you trusted advice that can help your problem fixed.


For parents, if your child wants to move to another school, you must encourage him to face it and together you’ll fix it. You can contact the school officials to deal with the bullying issue. It will be the best for the child to prevent from moving to another school to avoid further damage caused by bullying. Head officials can give appropriate advice that will be helpful for the victim. And here at Bullyout, we can help you regarding Bullying in Australian Schools.


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