“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

Different Methods on How to Stop Bullying

how to stop bullying

What are the various approaches on how to stop bullying?

Bullying exists in different forms and all of which causes harm. There may be no physical contact between the bully and the victim, but the act may bring about emotional damage. A reason enough to why there is a significant need to put a stop to bullying. If it happens that you are the one being bullied, know that there are things you can do to handle the situation. The same thing when you witness someone being bullied, remember that you have the ability to stand up for that person. Definitely, there are many ways you can work on to raise awareness to your peers regarding bullying.

Attending to bullying are methods for it to be prevented, and here are as follows:

Methods in Dealing with a Bully

If the situation appears to be dangerous or threatening, it would be best to just walk away from the bully. Even if it is the other way around, we know you don’t want to hear mean things coming from other people. Walk away from the bully calmly hinting that you don’t accept such kind of treatment.

Report bullying to someone right away. It could be your teacher, the school counsellor, your parent, or someone else who can help you and tell them what they bully has been doing or saying to you.

Stand in front of the bully and look straight in the eye. Boldly say that you don’t tolerate such actions. Through direct communication and body language, you are sending a message that you don’t want to put up with such behaviour. If the bullying continues, turn, face, and tell the bully to stop.

Try your best not to show any emotional response to the bully. Keep calm and conceal how you really feel as this will feed the bully’s intentions. To hide your anger, sadness, or fright, think of happy thoughts.

Methods of Helping Someone Being Bullied

If you see someone being bullied, do not wait for too long but take immediate action instead. Find someone who can if you can’t intervene in the situation.

Don’t force putting the bully and the victim in a room together for them to shake hands and make up. It is important to separate the bully away from the person being bullied and then talk to each one individually. Find witnesses and ask for details of what really happened, and then sew all gathered information together.

Take bullying seriously as such is a critical problem. If not stopped, it can escalate and cause severe damage. Consider contacting the police when the situation is becoming difficult.

Methods of Becoming a Good Example

Make being nice to other people your policy. Avoid teasing someone unless you know them enough, avoid spreading gossip or rumours about other people, and don’t purposely ignore someone. Simply, make sure that you are not tolerating bullying in your school.

If you see a person getting bullied in school, take a stand for the victim. Interfere with the behaviour or report the act directly to the school administrator.

Join campaigns on how to stop bullying. Most of the Australian schools have anti-bullying campaigns that are being led by students who push for safe and friendly schools.

Methods for Seeking Help

Bullying exists in schools. So, whenever bullying happens, talk to your school administrators immediately. Steps will then be taken into consideration, either set up mediation or punish the bully.

Due to uncontrolled cases of cyberbullying these days, phone services and other service providers are planning to include dealing with abuse in their services. Report cases of cyberbullying to service providers as soon as possible.

There are other forms of bullying that can go dangerously with some classified as crimes. This is when you need to call for the local law enforcement.

If the bullying continues, causing damage physically and emotionally, maybe it’s time to take legal action.

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