“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn from School Bullying

bullying in australian schools

What are the lessons that we can get from bullying in Australian schools?

Many have experience bullying, and it reached a point where we don’t even care anymore. Some just demand respects. It helps somehow managed to make friends and slowly build a support net. Bullying makes life miserable. People have overcome it and with that lesson have been learned. Here are seven great lessons you can learn from school bullying.

  1. Don’t act like a victim.

A person who is self-confident makes eye contact and acts like they have nothing to fear will often time be passed over as a target. Bullies do not want to mess with anyone who they feel will be a fair match. Don’t act weak, stand on your feet.

  1. Bullies look for someone to bully.

A bully will purposely choose an individual who acts as if they are weak or not in control of their surroundings. Bullies want an easy target, not one that will stand up and offer any resistance.

  1. Remain attentive.

People should always be aware and be careful with their surroundings and who is in the vicinity. This eliminates surprise attacks and will help a person gain an advantage if someone threateningly approaches them.

  1. Be Responsible

Be responsible for the things you give to your children. Bullying in Australian schools can be avoided by just taking up the responsibility of their children. Be accountable for how they act. For instances, providing your teen with a cell phone, and you’re handing over a device that can a weapon used for emotional attacks, threats and torment anywhere, anytime and beyond school walls. Let them educate about the advantage and disadvantage of having such device. Kids will quickly learn how to handle the responsibility of engaging in digital communication and may even willingly give up the machine until they know they’re mature enough.

  1. Relationship Strengthening

Overcoming bullying in Australian school can strengthen a parent-child-teacher relationship. As a parent, you’ll probably notice when your child’s mood permanently changes, especially while using a cell phone, computer or other social networking devices. A teacher will then notify the change of behaviour and performance of their student, in this case, a student who happens to be a victim and the bullies will have a counselling together with the teacher, parents, and their children this result to relationship strengthening which guides each in everyone regarding of the situation. In this case, bullying can have avoided. Eventually, the issue of cyberbullying will surface through open communication. Dealing with and stopping cyberbullying as a team fosters trusting and honest relationships within the family. As parent and child, you’ll also learn emotional and stress management that can strengthen family bonding.

  1. Minimal Usage of Social Media

Individuals who are bullied through internet accounts can ultimately turn to local law enforcement agencies if they feel they are in danger physically attacked or threatened with bodily injury. Minimal usage of social networking site can help avoid bullying in Australian schools.

  1. Self-Confidence

It can’t let the existence of those who are unkind, untrustworthy and hateful prevent you from making new friends. It helps others follow their dreams. Have a self-confidence. Don’t let other feel you down. Let them see you’re your confidence.

It is difficult to number all the things you learn in the terrible experiences of life. Sometimes the worst situations that happened turn out to be the things that help us become a better person. With regards to this topic, if you have any concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact us Bullyout!

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