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All You Need to Know About Cyberbullying Law in Australia

cyberbullying in australia

What should you know with regards to laws of cyberbullying in Australia?

Bullying is awful news for everyone included. What’s more, “cyberbullying,” the kind that happens on the web, is similarly as genuine—and can be equally as hurtful—as tormenting that happens face to face. Cyberbullying in Australia is a legal term used to portray any provocation or terrorising done over the web. The provocation, as well as threatening, must be purposeful, continuous and done in an antagonistic way to qualify as digital harassing. Cyberbullying is a significant issue and is turning into a developing pandemic among youngsters. With the expansion of online networking and web use among individuals of any age rising every year, cyberbullying cases keep on skyrocketing also.

Cyberbullying in Australia can be any harassing that utilises electronic innovation that includes:

  •    Sending mean instant messages or messages.
  •    Spreading bits of gossip on the web—via social media, for instance.
  •    Posting embarrassing pictures, recordings, or sites on the internet.
  •    Making counterfeit online networking profiles.
  •    Sharing private data that you don’t need others to know.

As its results become progressively desperate for youthful Australians, cyberbullying has turned into a noteworthy worry for guardians of school-aged kids.

Deciding the correct number of Australian youngsters who have been by and by influenced by cyberbullying is troublesome, to a great extent because of various understandings of this universal new marvel; and an absence of promptly open and dependable information. In any case, the assessed number of casualties is said to develop as the internet and web-based social networking keep on increasing worldwide footing and expanding fame inside more youthful demographics.

The long-term results for youngsters who consistently engaged in cyberbullying can incorporate substance manhandle, wrongdoing, and inclusion in the mishandle of a life partner or child.

Subsequently, a question that numerous guardians are being compelled to ask is – what are the cyberbullying laws in Australia – and how are they ensuring my child?

Here are the things you ought to know about cyberbullying law in Australia.

In spite of the fact that cyberbullying in Australia isn’t a particular offence under Commonwealth Legislation, it is an offence to utilise a carriage administration to harass or cause crime under the Criminal Code Act. The most extreme punishment is three years detainment.

Cyberbullying laws may change from state to state. The accompanying is a rundown of every domain’s individual cyberbullying laws: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia. Be that as it may, there are sure cyberbullying practices which are perceived as violations of Australian National Law, for example,

  •    Debilitating, irritating, or insulting somebody
  •    Stalking somebody
  •    Getting to somebody’s online account without their authorisation
  •    Defamation
  •    Supporting suicide

Debilitating, irritating, or insulting somebody

It’s a crime to utilise a telephone or the web in to debilitate, irritate or genuinely annoy some individual. A message or post could be viewed as hostile on the off chance that it is probably going to cause genuine outrage, shock, embarrassment or appeal. The most extreme punishment is three years in prison.

Stalking somebody

Stalking is the point at which somebody gets rehashed consideration that scares or startles them. Stalking can incorporate making unwanted telephone calls, messages, instant messages and messages on Facebook/Twitter and so forth. Stalking is wrongdoing in South Australia if you call, message or troublesome person twice or more with the plan to hurt, bother or unnerve them. The most extreme punishment is three years in prison (however can be higher if the individual uses a weapon or breaks a court arrange).

Getting to somebody’s online account without their authorisation

It is wrongdoing under state and national law to sign into a man’s online records without consent. The most significant punishment is two years in prison.


It is wrongdoing in South Australia to distribute false information about somebody keeping in mind the end goal to cause them substantial damage. The most extreme punishment is three years in prison.

Supporting suicide

It’s a crime under both South Australian and national law to cyber bully somebody in a way that deliberately urges or makes them kill themselves. The most significant punishment is life detainment. Or on the other hand, the most extreme punishment is fourteen years detainment where suicide was submitted.

Cyberbullying in Australia can influence anybody, and anybody can turn into a cyberbully. In any case, its inescapability is exceptionally clear inside young ages, and a lot of cyberbullies are minors themselves (more often than not an associate of the casualty). This can make cyberbullying a lawfully risky issue. How about you, what can you say about Cyberbullying cases in Australia? Let your voice be heard today!

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