“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

How Cyberbullying Can Affect a Whole Family

cyberbullying in australia

If a member is experiencing cyberbullying in Australia, how can it affect the whole family?

Cyberbullying influences individuals from any age or stroll of life, including kids, youngsters and grown-ups who all vibe extremely upset and alone while being tormented on the web. Cyberbullying can influence you to feel wholly overpowered, failing to recognise what support is available to them. Innumerable youngsters feel unfit to trust in a grown-up because they feel embarrassed and ponder whether they will be judged, advised to overlook it or close their record which they might not have any desire to do.

Being bullied can cause passionate or behavioural changes that may prompt issues at home. Be that as it may, expanding the consciousness of the most widely recognised signs and manifestations can help decrease the troubles experienced by families who are influenced by bullying. From weakness and tension to disconnection and physical afflictions, the outcomes of cyberbullying can run the extent. Be that as it may, knowing how family members may be influenced can help diminish the general effects of bullying.

Here are some ways families are affected when another member of the family is experiencing cyberbullying in Australia.


Individuals who are cyberbullied frequently turn out to be secretive at home. This can be troublesome for guardians as they may envision a scope of alarming reasons for changes in their kid. The home condition can end up noticeably tense, with a few parents showing frustration and doubt in a dictator way that may make the kid even more averse to discussing being cyberbullied.


The unnaturally distressing condition that outcomes can make the casualty more argumentative at home. Moreover, being routinely criticised and trashed by bullies may prompt the victim blowing up to honest remarks made by family members at home.

Feeling powerless

Since cyberbullying is a decision that is made by the bully, guardians and other relatives can do something to control the circumstance. They can report the bullying and support the victim but they can’t influence it to stop. However, they incline that they ought to have the capacity to change it to end. What’s more, when they can’t, they regularly feel defenceless and vulnerable.

Become obsessive about the situation

At the point when a child is in effect severely bullied, a few parents can’t quit contemplating the circumstance. What’s more, commonly they turn out to be too much afraid for their child’s well being frequently making an abusive and constraining condition. This sort of defensive child-rearing style just increases the uneasiness of the people involved. Rather than fixating on things that they can’t control, relatives should concentrate on enabling the child that is being bullied.

Feel alone and isolated

Many people would expect that different guardians and neighbours would favour them when their child is being bullied. In any case, unfortunately, many people just would prefer not to be involved. They would preferably remain neutral about a bullying circumstance than defend what is correct. Individuals additionally take part in casualty faulting when they trust that if the victim was distinctive somehow this would have never happened. Be that as it may, the issue with casualty faulting is that it discharges the bully from all duty and puts it on the shoulders of the person who was harmed. Also, numerous grown-up bystanders condemn the guardians when a child is bullied. They criticise the child-rearing style of the casualty’s folks and promise themselves that something like this could never happen to their youngster. These things leave guardians and different individuals from the family feeling alone and disconnected.

Given that these outcomes are severe, it is critical for relatives to look for outside help when another individual from the family encounters cyberbullying in Australia. They should make specific actions than remaining sound and deal with the issue with themselves. Doing as such will better set them up for helping the individual who is being exploited by bullies.

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