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How to Help a Child Being Bullied By Best Friend

How to Help a Child Being Bullied By Best Friend

Child being Bullied by Best Friend

We can’t deny the fact that most of us did experience bullying when we were still young. We experienced bullying in schools, at the playground and even at home. Anyone can experience bullying but for children, it is the most terrifying experience of their lives that they will remember until they grow up. A child is very innocent in a natural way and they are very sensitive to what they see and experience in these stages.

Bullying is a very frightening situation for a child, but what is more frightening is when your best friend is the one who bullies you. Our best friend is also a part of our family, our second brother/ sister and especially the one who will protect and help us when we have problems. Could you imagine your best friend bully you? Is a child ready when they experience this? Can they handle this kind of situations? A child being bullied by best friend is a very serious thing to deal with. With this simple tips, you can help and prevent further damage to a child when they experience bullying.

Encourage the Child

Motivate the child and give him the strength to carry on. Give him pieces of advice that will help him drive more positivity in his mind and will allow him to conquer such situations.


Most children will always remember their bad experiences and will never forget the one who hurt them. Help them reroute their minds to simply erase the bad memories they have experienced. Have a trip, take them to places where they can enjoy and forget the bad experiences.

Talk to the Best friend

It is important to listen to both parties and identify the main problem of the bullying. Ask for what triggered the bullying. Let them explain and give them appropriate advice that will help them prevent and stop bullying.

Be a Role Model

Show them what is right for making yourself as an example. Demonstrate good traits not just with the victim but also to the bully. Provide them examples that will teach them on how to be a good citizen. It is important to teach them while they are still young.

For grown-ups, it is normal for a best friend to bully you, tease you and even laugh at you. These situations are just normal when a thick bond of friendship has been established. But for a child with a young mind, it might cause them a negative effect and it can lead to serious damage. Whenever you encounter situations like this, you can seek help and advice from Bullyout on how to stop bullying as we can give you the best solutions for preventing and stopping it.

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