“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

5 Most Effective Anti-Bullying Programs In School

5 Most Effective Anti-Bullying Programs in School

Bullying in Australian Schools must be taken an action plan to address this bullying issues. Most of these issues take place where there is less supervision from school officials or from adults. Schools need to conduct appropriate actions in order to solve these problems by making the right programs for their students. Here are the most effective anti-bullying programs that a school needs to implement:




A child who is being bullied at school will have a hard time telling their parents, teachers and other adults that they are being bullied. This can trigger emotional problems which lead to sadness and depression. Every school should have anti-bullying programs like this to prevent further damage of bullying in school.

Victims of bullying should be guided and counseled. They need professional advice that can help them overcome this problem. Each student of the school should be personally counseled to identify possible bullying signs that they’ve been hiding and conduct appropriate actions.


School Peacemakers


One of the effective anti bullying programs in school is establishing and appointing school peacemakers inside and outside the school. Deploying peacemakers will not only reduce bullying in school but will help prevent and eventually stop it. Once peacemakers are on the school premises, bullies will definitely be hesitant in bullying other students and will make them stop doing this.


Self-Defense Program

self defense

Most of the time, the ones who are being bullied don’t want to fight back because they don’t have the capability to fight back. It’s not always right to fight back when being bullied, but there will be a time when you have to defend and protect yourself for you to not get hurt. A school should have a self-defense program that will help students defend themselves from bullies. It is important to teach students with this program to prevent and stop bullying.


Persuasive Messages

Persuasive Messages

Create positive and inspirational messages about anti-bullying in school like signs on blackboard, walls, and trees that will encourage students. Putting inspirational messages, images and anti-bullying videos about kindness around the school can help motivate them. Signs they often see will help them remind every day about anti-bullying.


Social Activities

Social Activites

Conduct programs focused on social interaction like physical and fitness activities. These activities will not only allow victims to work together but also the bullies. It can build positive relationships with the students. This will trigger teamwork that will help build the strength and confidence of every bullied student and bully’s need.


At the end, every school must identify these bullying problems and prevent it from affecting more students. An excellent action plan is a key to overcome issues regarding bullying in school. If you have any concerns about bullying in Australian schools, feel free to submit complaints to BullyOut and we’ll be glad to assist and help you.

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