“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

Bullying Stories | Bullyout Co-founder’s Stories of Bullying

Throughout my entire life, I have come across various forms of bullying which affected my life personally and those of my friends and work colleagues.


Bullying is prevalent everywhere in today’s society, in all of its forms, and as time progresses cyber-bullying is becoming front and centre of the bullying problem.  The use of modern day technology has been seen to cause a bullying victim to take extreme measures to the point of either taking their own life or the life of another.


The following examples listed are only some of the various types of bullying which have now become a disease on society.


As a personal example:

Throughout my schooling days, I was overweight and was consistently name called and harassed because of it.  I lived with it.  I dealt with it.  But there was not a day that I did not want to reach out for help but was too afraid of the repercussions.


A young teenage girl who received sexting images, which not only put her in an extremely embarrassing position personally, but caused her a dilemma in considering what to do about it.  For example, if she reported the incident, then it would probably follow that her child friend would be expelled and my daughter’s schooling life would be turned upside down.   Does she take action, or does she turn away and hope the incident of bullying goes away?


Some examples of bullying arise from the pressure of image.  For example, how you look, the colour of your skin, or your race or religion.  All these tags come with a negative or positive opinion and with consequences.


Work colleagues complain to each other of being bullied by other employees, yet they fail to report the incident to the proper authorities, not wanting to deal with the problem themselves and perhaps hoping it will go away.  It normally does not.


Media reports have highlighted how a teenage girl was continually bullied at school by her peers and her surrounding neighborhood.  She eventually took her own life.


Media reports have highlighted how a teenage boy was bullied at school, finally losing control of himself and ending up taking lives of others.


Media reports have highlighted how a young 13-year-old was bullied about his sexuality for two years before taking his own life.


Bullying can take place anywhere and anytime.  For example in your own home, your neighborhood, your school, or your workplace environment.  You should call it out for what it is.  Bullying is a black spot on society and it is not about how the strong will survive and if you ignore it, it will go away.  It will not.  It is about you and whether or not you have the will, capability and opportunity to do something about it.


BULLYOUT will document a case file for you and give you the opportunity to converse with an administrator anonymously and enable you to get help.S



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