“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT


What is a bully? Here are some of our blogs concerning the types of bullying, cyber bullying facts, effects of bullying, how to deal with bullies and ways how to stop bullying. Learn more and educate yourself about bullying and support anti-bullying.

Different Methods on How to Stop Bullying


What are the various approaches on how to stop bullying? Bullying exists in different forms and all of which causes harm. There may be no physical contact between the bully and the victim, but the act may bring about emotional damage. A reason enough to why there is a significant need to put a stop…

What To Do When Your Kid is the Bully


What should you do if your kid is cyberbullying in Australia? “No way! Not my child.” That would probably be your immediate response when you receive a call from the school administrator informing you of your child’s misbehaving as bullying his or her classmates. Of course, yes, because you know it is not how you…

Evidence-Based Suggestions in How to Stop Bullying


How to stop bullying through suggestions that are backed by evidence? Bullying is a social problem which can be prevented but far from being obliterated. It can come from different forms, may it be physical, verbal, etc. However, we still have many ways in order for it to be prevented. The following are action points…

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How to Stop Bullying: Problems and Solutions in Bullying


How to stop bullying problems from occurring? What are the feasible solutions to solve this crucial issue? Bullying has become the most talk and dangerous issue all over the world.  Most of the people involved efficiently recall a particular harassing episode from their past. If they were the domineering jerk, they recollect the sentiment control…

Bullying vs Harassment: The Differences


How harassment and bullying in schools differ from each other? To some people, they think that bullying and harassment are the same. This is why sometimes, parents are confused if their child is a victim of bullying or harassment whenever they come home upset or feeling down from school. Know that they are two dissimilar…

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How Cyberbullying Can Affect a Whole Family


If a member is experiencing cyberbullying in Australia, how can it affect the whole family? Cyberbullying influences individuals from any age or stroll of life, including kids, youngsters and grown-ups who all vibe extremely upset and alone while being tormented on the web. Cyberbullying can influence you to feel wholly overpowered, failing to recognise what…

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Seven Great Lessons You Can Learn from School Bullying


What are the lessons that we can get from bullying in Australian schools? Many have experience bullying, and it reached a point where we don’t even care anymore. Some just demand respects. It helps somehow managed to make friends and slowly build a support net. Bullying makes life miserable. People have overcome it and with…

An Important Guide: Things Every Parent Should Know About Cyberbullying


In today’s generation of technology, cyberbullying in Australia has gone viral and dangerous. Cyberbullying can be done to anywhere in the world via smartphone, tablet, or computer, and it can happen anytime, day or night regardless of what technology has been used. What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying refers to using digital communications like the Internet and…

What to Do When The School Can’t Solve Bullying


Bullying in schools is the most popular issue in every country, especially in Australia. Many students have been suffering from bullying. When bullying doesn’t stop, it could cause serious damage to the victims. Damages that can affect physically and emotionally. But with appropriate actions, anyone can handle and solve bullying. What if your child has…