“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT


What is a bully? Here are some of our blogs concerning the types of bullying, cyber bullying facts, effects of bullying, how to deal with bullies and ways how to stop bullying. Learn more and educate yourself about bullying and support anti-bullying.

13 Shocking and Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Bullying


Bullying has been a national issue for every country. Most students experience this kind of behaviour, especially kids with innocent minds can’t handle these situations when they encounter it. Parents should know how to manage school bullying and come up with a better solution to solve this peacefully.  For a better understanding of bullying, read…

Cyberbullying in Australia

When Bullying Turns Deadly: 10 Ugly Truths About Cyberbullying in Australia


Bullying is a controversial issue tackled by countries all over the world. Cyberbullying in Australia can be observed in people’s homes, at work, and in school. All kinds of bullying are ugly and can be harmful to victims – from reduced self-confidence and self-worth to more severe cases of depression, and worst, suicide. It is…

Bullying at School

What To Do When The Bully Is Your Child’s Teacher


Bullying at school has been an issue for everyone, especially to children. As a normal parent does, you should always monitor your child in their class to avoid any problems like school bullying. Most of the children experience bullying with their schoolmates, friends and other strangers around them. But what would you do if your…

Bullying in Australian Schools

Why Moving School is Not the Best Option when Being Bullied


  Bullying in Australian schools has been a national issue for many years. If you are experiencing bullying in your school and you’re thinking of moving to another school, then that’s not a good idea. Moving to another school is not always an answer to your problem. The truth of moving school when being bullied…

Cyber Bullying Story

Cyber Bullying Story: Bullies on the Internet


Anyone can be a victim of bullying by mad and insecure people around us. Bullying has been rampant all over the world, especially in Australia. A lot of people experiences bullying, innocent kids, teenagers and even matured adults are victims of bullying. There are many types of bullying like physical bullying, verbal bullying and the…

Child being Bullied by Best Friend

How to Help a Child Being Bullied By Best Friend


How to Help a Child Being Bullied By Best Friend We can’t deny the fact that most of us did experience bullying when we were still young. We experienced bullying at school, at the playground and even at home. Anyone can experience bullying but for children, it is the most terrifying experience of their lives…

Verbal Bullying

What is Verbal Bullying and What are its Effects


WHAT IS VERBAL BULLYING? Verbal bullying is when someone uses words in a negative way. Teasing and insults are the common types of verbal bullying. People who talk and shouts negative words to an individual is a way of verbal bullying. Verbal bullying is not considered as serious as physical bullying and cyberbullying in Australia…

Bullying Behavior

5 Essential Ways to Address Bullying Behavior in Children


  It’s a fact that, bullying in Australian Schools is widely spread and mostly children experience this. There are different types of bullying and children get bullied anywhere, at school, at their playground and even at their home. Many children have been victims of bullying but what if your child is the bully? What will…

Effective Anti- Bullying Programs

5 Most Effective Anti-Bullying Programs In School


Bullying in Australian Schools must be taken an action plan to address this bullying issues. Most of these issues take place where there is less supervision from school officials or from adults. Schools need to conduct appropriate actions in order to solve these problems by making the right programs for their students. Here are the…