“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

5 Essential Ways to Address Bullying Behavior in Children

Bullying Behavior


It’s a fact that, bullying in Australian Schools is widely spread and mostly children experience this. There are different types of bullying and children get bullied anywhere, at school, at their playground and even at their home. Many children have been victims of bullying but what if your child is the bully? What will you do with this behavior? These important ways can help you manage bullying to your child:


Talk to your Child

Address Bullying Behavior

If you notice something is wrong with your child’s behavior, then you have to take appropriate actions before anything happens negatively. A parent or a guardian should be more cautious in identifying any problems with their child. Talk calmly to your child and know the reason why there is a sudden change of behavior. A child needs their parents in situations like this, especially bullying is very common to children.


Be a Good Example

Bullying Behavior

Children by nature will always copy what they see. They learn through imitating actions they often watch like through televisions, with their friends and especially with their parents. Most parents neglect to identify this, they should be a good example to their children. This is the essential part of their learning, so parents should be the role model of being a good citizen which defies bullying. Parents should always remember that they are the child’s first teachers and they watch and learn from them every day.


Know their Social Life

Bullying Behavior

Always pay attention to your child’s social life. Anything can trigger this bullying behavior, especially when you are not around. Know who are their friends, who are they playing with and what are they doing. It is important to identify their social life because this is where bullying starts mostly. This will help you as a parent recognize your child’s social life if it is healthy or not.



Teach them the Right Manners

Bullying Behavior

Even if you don’t see this bullying behavior to your child, you should always teach them the right thing. It will be much effective if you’ll start teaching them at a very young age, this will help them keep in their minds as they grow older. Demonstrate good manners, show them how to respect and let them also be a good role model for other children. You can let him watch anti-bullying videos that promote good attitude to children, this will help him learn and encourage more. A child equipped with right manners can overcome these bullying problems they might encounter.


Develop an Action Plan

Bullying Behavior

It is important to create the appropriate action plan for your child when dealing with bullying. Identifying and choosing what’s the best for them will be a good idea. Start by identifying what’s the problem and what caused it. If you already know the reason for this behavior then it will be easier for you to find solutions to this issue. With this, you can create developmental actions and anti-bullying programs for your child.


Bullying can be hard to handle sometimes but with proper actions, parents can solve this easily. However, it is very crucial to handle it yourself especially when you don’t have any experiences on this. Ask from others, professionals will be helpful with this. They can provide you reliable advice that will help you and your child. If you have complaints about bullying at School,  you can submit it to BullyOut and it will be our pleasure to help you.


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