“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

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5 Anti-Bullying Videos To Educate Your Children and Students

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Bullying in Australian Schools can easily ruin lives especially those innocent minds. It would badly affect them not just physically but also emotionally. As an adult, how can we protect our children from this rampant problem the society is facing today?

Being a parent, a teacher or part of the administration, we all play a vital role in preventing and stopping bullying from our kids. We are the ones who should help them understand and educate them about the good and bad things that can possibly happen to anyone. We should act now to stop them from getting bullied or to stop them from being the bully himself. Here are 8 anti-bullying videos to inform your children about bullying at school.


  1. Invisible Isabelle

Invisible Isabelle is a story about a young girl who was bullied due to her differences on the way she dresses, on how she’s being unique and different from other normal kids at school. And because of how unique she is, her classmates began to tease her and laugh at her. She then decided to change the way she looks just to “fit in” and look “normal”. She even straightened her hair and throw her stylish clothes. But after she has changed to what seems to be “normal,” she becomes invisible. Then she talked with her art teacher which has also encouraged her to be herself and not to be affected of what others would say about her. “Don’t worry about what the mean bullies might say, trust me it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Be yourself! ” said the art teacher.

This story teaches the children about self-expression and individuality, to be themselves and try not to hide their true self just to be part of the group.


  1. Sesame Street: Don’t Be a Bully

The famous and the longtime favorite show of children and adults, Sesame Street conveys a powerful message to kids who are a fan of their show, saying “Don’t be a bully.” On the video, Pino was acting as the bully who stole the ball from Googel. Everyone made a fuss and Narf has confronted Pino saying that he is a bully. The group has defined bullying through a song. Pino realized that he has done something wrong and that he was bullying Googel. Pino then gave the ball back and asked the group to let him join the game.



  1. Don’t Laugh At Me

This is a song by Mark Wills that expresses deep messages about bullying. With its meaningful lyrics, “Don’t laugh at me, don’t call me names, don’t get your pleasure from my pain, in God’s eyes we’re all the same,” it says that everyone has their own flaws and that though some are more noticeable, that doesn’t mean that it gives us the right to laugh at them. We are all equal in God’s eyes, so we must not make fun of other people’s imperfections.



  1. The Meanest Girl in Second Grade

Zoe was tagged as the meanest girl in second grade. One day, a new student came in and was asked to be seated next to Zoe. Zoe has few friends but she was being mean to the new guy which she calls “Shrimp.” Her friends have noticed her being mean to “Shrimp” and then they have ignored her and choose to stay away from her, not eating lunch with her and not playing with her. After school, she has yelled to Shrimp to go away, Shrimp answered her that he chooses not to talk to a bully. Her mom came to fetch her from school and noticed that Zoe is feeling down. Zoe was crying and told her mom that her friends don’t like her anymore. Her mom answered calmly and told Zoe that she should apologize. Zoe then apologized to her friends and to Shrimp, who was Jeffrey when asked what his real name is. Zoe learned that if she felt bad, she didn’t need to make other people feel bad and has also learned not to judge people by their looks.


  1. McGruff – Anti-Bullying Film

This video is all about McGruff, the crime dog who helps solve crimes and tries to stop things before they happen. There happens a mother who seeks aid of McGruff as she was worried about her daughter, Samantha who was barely eating, was crying a lot and wants to quit ballet. McGruff then started his investigation, he has approached his nephew, Scruff and found out that Samantha was being bullied. He has advised his nephew to stand up and help Samantha fight the bullies and end bullying. McGruff then approached Samantha and asked her what was bothering her. Upon questioning her, he found out that Samantha is quitting as the girls from her ballet class has called her fat. McGruff then advised her to take a stand. He has told to do three things against the bullies, stop listening to bullies, talk or say anything like making a joke and lastly, walk away. Samantha has taken his advice and did the three steps, she was also accompanied by Scruff.



Showing these videos to your children or to your class can help them educate and know more about bullying. When they are educated enough about bullying, they would know what to do and how to act against it. And maybe they could also stop themselves from being a bully. As an adult, we are obliged to advise, educate and guide them on dealing the odd things in life that may come to them. We have to be there to protect them and take care of them. If you noticed is wrong with your kid or student, you can seek help from us on how to stop bullying, submit your complaints now!



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