“It would be naive to think you have never been bullied”

Dominique Scherer – Co-founder of BULLYOUT

13 Shocking and Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Bullying

school bullying

Bullying has been a national issue for every country. Most students experience this kind of behaviour, especially kids with innocent minds can’t handle these situations when they encounter it. Parents should know how to manage school bullying and come up with a better solution to solve this peacefully.  For a better understanding of bullying, read these interesting facts for you to learn something.

  1. The word “bully” was used in 1530 and refers to both genders which means “sweetheart”.
  2. Factors that will increase bullying to a child are illness or disability, social phobia, agoraphobia, parental over-control, and anxiety.
  3. Researchers insist that fighting back when getting bullied should not be encouraged. When a victim fights back and loses, it can cause more traumatic damage and will only make the situation even worse.
  4. According to research, 60% of boys who bullied from the age of 7 to 15 were convicted at least one crime at the age of 24 and 40% of these boys had 3-4 convictions.
  5. Children who are obese are more likely to be bullied for their appearance. And for obese girls, they are more likely to experience physical bullying.
  6. Teens who are gay are more prone to bullying. They often experience intense bullying that they don’t receive enough education and most of them are ashamed and embarrassed to report the harassment.
  7. Kids and teens who bully are more likely to do vandalism, shoplifting, truancy, and liquor abuse than those who don’t bully at the early age.
  8. Researcher says that children as young as five who always observe bullying that goes ignored and left unchecked by adults are more likely to become bullies.
  9. Teachers say that they intervened bullying 71% of the time while students report that their teachers intervened only 25% most of the time when bullying happens.
  10. Cyberbullying can cause serious damage more than you think for the reasons of: Cyberbullies can hide their identity which makes worse for the victims. Cyberbullying can spread easily, it can go viral and a lot of people will know. Most adults like parents and teachers aren’t technology savvy and they are not aware of what’s happening online.
  11. Boys who bully are more like to use more physical intimidation and threats to both boys and girls, while girls bully verbally and mostly target girls only.
  12. Roughly 160,000 teens who experience school bullying tend to skip school every day.
  13. Only 1 out of 10 victims who suffer cyberbullying tell their parents. This is why cyberbullying today has been rampant because only a few victims stand up.

Only a few understand the real meaning of bullying. Bullying can be anywhere and every

individual can experience and suffer in these situations. For parents, when their child is experiencing school bullying, they should be calm and think wisely on appropriate solutions. If you have any concerns and suggestions regarding bullying, you can contact us or drop your comments below!


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